Truck Project:

This page is about the truck I bought from my grandpa. He bought it brand new so I know every thing it has bin through and its been through alot in its good old days. More stories about this will be here later, working on them elsewhere right now. I have pic's of when he got it new and of while he owned it that I will put on the page later.

Info about the truck: it is a 71 Chevy  3/4 ton  with a 350 v8   I will add more on this later.

new items to put on:  gear shift handle 
                                front bumper
                                cab corners, rocker panel's, floor pans
                                some beams for new flat bed
                                dome lamp
                                and much more

Click on any image to make larger if you're looking at this page don't worry about downloading the pic's because they're already downloaded.

Truck washed for the first time at night time I couldn't wait. The next day I rinsed it off and took some pic's. taken 1996


Me, my grandma & grandpa by my new truck after it was washed for the first time since I owned it. taken 1996


Here I am changing the oil and adding brake fluid not much to look at. taken 1996


Changed all the belts and replaced the radiator hoses. taken 1996


And here I am changing the heater hoses.  Right after this I took a hammer to the camper shell, it was rotten. I don't think I have pic's of that. And I got mufflers and brakes redone. taken 1996


I took the blinkers out of bumper. But as I was attempting to take off the bent bumper, I got one bolt off. The rest of them were rusted to the bumper and were to tight for me to get off. So I had to get help from my step dad. I am pointing to the only one I could get off. I also took off the grill. I have a new custom one for it. 


I painted engine and changed carburetor and valve covers and put on a new breather and then took it for a drive. I have a pic of the engine before I did any thing but I cant find it 


Me, my step dad and my step brother taking off the truck bed. After this I got cutting torch and cut it up to throw away.


These pic's are of when my dad came over and helped me get it road ready to go to his house. We took the old wheels off, fixed front hose brake lines,  bled the brakes,  timed the engine, and put new wheels and tires on. We finished the day with  temporary tail lights. Took place some time in 2000-2001. 

Some pic's of the engine taken Sept 25/02 it needs washed


Some pic's of  interior before and after, and some of body now. taken Sept 25/02 it needs washed too


Some pic's of frame after I sanded the top of it to the metal and painted with rusty metal primer. You can't really tell I did anything since the paint is rust color. Soon I will paint all brown paint with black paint. taken Sept 25/02 some time I will get to the rest.


Pic's of bumper after being sanded to the metal and then painted with gray rustolium primer. I need to paint another coat and then sand it smooth and then finish with flat white paint. The bottom back half is still rusty, this part is harder to do, I will do it later. Look at pic's above to compare. taken Sept 26/02


I painted the back bumper with flat white paint. I will have pic's soon. 10-04-02


This bed looks similar to the bed I would  like  to build. But the sides will go straight, all the way to the cab.