I am no longer accepting new users at the moment.


These are the rules for using web space at If you do not comply with my rules your account will be deactivated and a possible deletion of files will be followed by it.

    1. Do NOT do any thing illegal on my server.
    2. Do NOT sell any of the Free web space given to you for self profit or any other means.
    3. Do NOT use your account to let others make sites on. They must have their own account given to them by me.
    4. No Pornography of any type.
    5. No illegal software such as "warez" and "copyrighted software".
    6. You MUST notify me when you wish to deactivate your account.
    7. If you are NOT going to use your account or do not want your account any longer, you must let me know that you wish for your
        account to be deactivated.
    8. Please advise the internet user viewing your web page if your website has any adult content such as cursing and ect.